The story behind the Stories

This is more than just a project to us. It holds a very special place in our hearts. 

Being able to capture somebody’s journey and let their story be seen through our camera lens is a wonderful experience, each of them different and special. It enables new connections, creates friendships and communities, and it deepens our life experiences.

The Stories content is created through many life backgrounds where we get to know different reflections, habits and truths about people which they have built throughout their lifetime. Each character feels like a best friend, and we would like to know everything about them and their lives! How they spend their day, what kind of food they prepare for lunch and all the everyday life questions, trying to discover their habits by following their daily routines.

Seeing the big picture

People have always loved stories, especially those that tell us about the other person’s real life. The ones through which we can compare, question and learn something new about others and about ourselves. Know that we are not the only ones. Know that there are so many things that we share with others and at the same time so many things that differentiate us. In the end, all this diversity we observe teaches us to understand and accept the greatest expression of love in our lives, which is the main reason behind filming these Stories.

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