This is FIN

Visual imagination & Sound connection
Online platform

First full service Multimedia Design Studio that is available 24/7

Custom project plan

Every project is different and requires an individual approach.

Creative workshops

We have developed special media workshops where we learn about cameras, videography and photography.

Who we are

FIN is creative media platform designed to offer multimedia content for individual and professional use. We’re the first company in this area that offer production and media distribution through out online services.


There are no borders here because the world is our market and our passion unite us by a love of what we do. Our head-office is located in the city of Zagreb but we’re globally spread.

Action and impact

We are not focused on the problem but on finding a solution instead. We take the initiative, deliver more than expected, and push our boundaries each day.

Creative team



He graduated in Film, TV and Multimedia Design. After successfully directing and editing a movie about love within his family he fell in love with the documentaries. Relationships between people and their life stories are his eternal inspiration. He enjoys a day spent in nature, yoga practice and time spent with an interesting company getting to know something new.



She came up with the idea to study medicine but life has pulled her to chemistry, which then under uncontrolled reaction has sublimated into economy and she found herself in the position of a manager in commercial area. In her life journey it turns out that she enjoys many social activities. There is no thing she can’t solve, acquire, learn or strive to understand. You will find her always with a smile on her face, some new book in her bag and with a cup of coffee having a meeting and talking on her earphones. But if you leave her alone you will find her with 5 new friends. Currently she is sharing her living space with a friend, cats and a dog, practicing yoga and taking interest in holistic life approach.

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